In the Womb……..Part 1

On with the story….the time spent in the womb, for those who do not forget, for those who do not sleep, for those who do not enjoy the dark, hot, cramped, noisy place, that time is the most awful time on earth. It was agony. I spent most of it thinking “This is a disaster. Now what? How do I get out of this?” I did not want to go through with it; I wanted out.  It didn’t matter that there was “someone” to find; it didn’t matter that there was something to do; it didn’t matter that what I was to do was important; none of it mattered. I did NOT want to do anything with “that woman.” My Mother. Where to start? At this point, I can’t tell you what was making me so unhappy. Did I know she was lying? Probably, since I could hear everything. I knew who she was, and I did not want to go on this adventure with her as a part of it.

After my attempts to self-abort failed,  I tried “playing dead” and stopped moving at all. From the stories my Mother told me, she thought I was dead and had gone to the Dr. concerned, but he assured her that he could hear a heartbeat and that some babies are quiet.  I was still making her sick to her stomach; the Dr. told her to be thankful I wasn’t kicking her from the inside!  Actually, when I heard him say that I almost kicked her just to do it; but that would have blown my cover, and, it’s just not my nature to be mean.

I forgot they could hear my heartbeat! Darn! I pondered my dire situation and after much consideration, I decided to grow a tumor and hide behind it, and if I did that I figured, they wouldn’t hear a heartbeat, and they’d just assume I was dead.  Brilliant, except, I didn’t think it through and totally forgot about what would happen after that.

Time passed……and the tumor grew……….

Till next time,

Thank you, Dear Reader,
With Great Love, Namaste’
❤ LAMP ❤

P.S. I apologize for the lack of photos or graphics; I will add graphics as time allows; for the time being the important thing is to get it written.

P.P.S. I welcome your comments and questions!


About Lynda Lamp

I am an Author, Speaker, and Life Coach, living in Alaska on the shores of Resurrection Bay, one of the most beautiful places on earth. I am also a mystic, visionary, and pioneering entrepreneur. I want to help to heal our world by bringing us peace through love. Volume I of my book, Walking Through Your Walls was released in August of 2016 and additional volumes are forthcoming. I also founded Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay, LLC, heavenly lodging on the waterfront, AK ANGELS Care, Inc. a way for neighbors to help neighbors, WE LOVE US, 8 Intentions to Create the World that Works For All, and Love BY LIGHT, a way to form Heart or Mindfulness Circles in your community. My latest works involves Insist On Love, a movement to unite people through Intentional Living.
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