About This Blog

Dear Reader,

I am totally revamping this website and blog effective April 2013.  I started this blog back in 2010, intending to write the stories of my life. My whole life people have told me I should write a book, or movie screen play, and I’ve always wanted to write a book. I love writing! Some people even call me a “wordsmith.” Of further interest to me is that the older I’ve gotten, the more obsessed I’ve become over words. As I’ve evolved, it’s become more and more important to me that I live an intentional life, which means I’ve learned to control my words and choose my words (and my thoughts, but that’s a different post).

Any of you who have visited this blog in the past will see I’ve taken down the orignal few posts I’d made.  Those posts did not start at the beginning.  At the start, I was reluctant about being open and transparent; I was taking an approach that I would build your trust and interest first, before revealing the truth about what I am. Yes, I said what. I am a who also, but since I have yet to meet a single other person who has a start such as mine, there is something different about me. If there are others like me, perhaps I’ll be able to find them with these posts, and the eventual book.

Beyond the differences of my early beginnings, I have also been called things like a sensitive, a channel, an intuitive (as a child, I had other names).  Energy affects me greatly, and for many years I didn’t understand any of that (to a certain degree, I still don’t (I was dizzy for over 2 weeks after returning from the 2013 Presidential inauguration, being around 1 million happy people is an overwhelming experience!)).

The child character in the TV Show Touch, is the first character of any kind that I can totally relate to. I’m 58; that’s a long time to live without ever having someone to relate to.

There’s no such thing as time; everything is happening at the same time, now, in this moment.  While that is the fact of the matter (which means I wrote the book already, it”s finished, somewhere “out there”), I’m going to write this in as  linear way as possible.  We’re going to start at the beginning together, and I will be as honest and forthcoming as possible. Advance warning, the beginning is a bit unbelievable; you’ll quickly see why I am reluctant.

Everything in the Universe is telling me THE TIME IS NOW. Write it and write it now; that is coming through clear and strong. The other thing that is very strong, is that this is NOT ABOUT ME, it’s about THE MESSAGE. I am simply the messenger. I pray I deliver the message in a way that is acceptable and accessible, and that you’ll enjoy reading. I do not understand the why of most of this; I do understand the IS.

We are so blessed with gifts of technology and  blogging. The advantage to writing chapter by chapter as a blog is that we won’t have to wait till I’m done to start getting some exposure to some of the . Perhaps some people will come  forward and I’ll find others who share my early experiences.

As we work with our memories, they can show themselves out-of-order; I hope I am able to manage that in a way that is workable.

Thank You Dear Reader,
With Great Love, Namaste’
❤ LAMP ❤
P.S. I welcome your comments and questions!


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