Funny Things About My Name

I was born 8 days before Christmas; my mother considered naming me “Merry” and there have been many times in my life when I wished she had. It certainly fit my innate personality better. As we will see however, to become the LAMP, we had to go with her last choice, which, as so many baby names are, was more ego driven. My mother’s name was Evelyn, so she named me Lynda, spelling it the alternate way, so we could be Lyn & Lynda. Cute, huh? “Lynda” if you look it up means beautiful, and for reasons that I will share soon, it was the completely opposite of what I was on the day I was born. I’ve never understood the irony of her choice except to think it was wishful thinking on her part….which was not unusual for this woman.

Christened with the initials LAM, throughout my childhood when I would be introduced to my parents’ friends and acquaintances (it was a more formal world back then it seems), they would inevitably say : “Oh, like a little lamb with out the ‘B’ !” (At least that’s what my child mind heard.) Up until recently, that’s been one of the weirdest things about my childhood, that people kept calling me a lamb! I never understood why SO many people would all say the same thing to me. I didn’t look like a lamb (maybe if I’d had white curly hair it would make sense, but I was a flaming red-head as a child, although, admittedly it was often curled because my mother hated straight hair); and my personality was much more of a shy Merry than a lamb, because no matter what life seemed to throw at me (then, or now) I have a “half full” way of looking at things. I wondered in the past if I was so shy, that I gave off those vibes. It’s no so much that I’m shy, as I am, so different. I learned that at an early age, and as a result, I tend to act in shy ways. Why are they drawn to my initials, why? What was that all about, anyway?!

Fast forward to my first marriage in the early 1980s – to a man I was certain was my destiny, and the man of my dreams. Had I added his name to mine – I’d have become a LAMB! I wondered about my destiny, laughed at the irony of it, but it just didn’t feel right! So I became a LAB instead, changing my last name to his.

Shattered and single again after 10 years of marriage, I began the re-construction of my life, as a LAM, without the B, again. Time passes, I expand my studies of life and search for answers, I move to Alaska, and start a whole new life, and all the while, with encouragement from my friends, it’s like an ember begins to glow inside of me. I’m reminded of the saying “don’t hide your light under a bushel basket.” More and more I’m told by friends and sometimes even strangers, that I have something to share. I should write a book, I should write a movie, are common suggestions from friends, strangers and many of my customers.

Eventually I remarried. That was in 2001, so I’ve had this name and these new initials all this time without even realizing the further irony of it. In 2007 I picked a copy of the movie, and then the book “The Secret” and although I’d been studying life my entire life, this book, and the next reading it led me to, provided me with the answers I needed. I GET it now, and I want everyone to “get it” the way I do. Shout it from the mountain tops is how I feel; light up the world, illuminate and enlighten…..will you agree, will you see the irony I see, when looking at my initials now? LAMP! Friends started calling me LAMP, in earnest, in 2009.  It was in late 2009 I decided to accept this “calling.”

I truly feel as if I have found my destiny. At one point I wondered, had people said “just like a little lamp without the p” would I have gotten here sooner? Or would have it seemed too burdensome and frightened me away? Or, as a friend of mine recently asked, would that have simply doomed me to a life of urinary problems?! LOL …..The mysteries of the universe – I’ll never know I guess, but it’s fun to think about.

My most recent epiphany on this whole issue, is that they probably WERE saying “just like a little lamp without the p!”  Most likely the real explanation is twofold or even threefold. As a small child, I knew what a lamb was; I may very well not have known what a “lamp” was. People were responding to my brightness; that, and only that, makes total sense. It may also have been important to the Universe’s plan that I not hear, right from the start, what my mission was. Perhaps I would have refused. As it was I had already rebelled and tried to bail out on my “mission,” before I even got here, as you will soon learn. As I have fully realized recently, it’s an important mission, perhaps mission critical. I can imagine the Universe was a little jumpy.

So there you have it Dear Readers, how I started as a Merry and ended as a LAMP!

Thank you Dear Reader,
With Great Love, Namaste`

❤ LAMP ❤

P. S. I welcome your comments, questions, feedback!


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